The video has gathered more than 1.3 lakh sees on Twitter while leaving clients stunned.

We are as of now residing in a computerized period where nothing has stayed immaculate by advanced change. A video that has as of late surfaced online is by all accounts demonstrating this thought right.

The clasp, transferred by official Awanish Sharan on Twitter, shows a man making an installment by filtering a QR code. In the video, an individual is seen playing an instrument while being joined by a cow embellished with blossoms and improving bits of garments. Minutes after the fact, a man filters his telephone to the QR code joined to the cow’s head.

What’s more, according to Mr Sharan, the thought likewise ruled out pardons. “Stomach muscle cash nahi sharpen ka bahana nahi chalega. (Presently the reason of not having money won’t work),” the official wrote in the subtitle.

The video, which was first partaken in quite a while, gathered more than 1.3 lakh sees on Twitter while leaving clients stunned.

This client hailed the innovation to make computerized installments through examining as a “upset”.

Computerized method of a little gift. The magnificence of e-installments,” an individual composed.


Obviously, this isn’t the main exceptional way individuals are utilizing advanced installment innovation. Prior, a video had turned into a web sensation that showed an individual contribution shagun to the dholwalavia Paytm. A man was seen twirling the telephone around the lucky man’s head according to customs and afterward examining the Paytm QR code glued on the dhol to pay the shagun.

By Martin