A squirrel voyaged as far as possible from India to Scotland on a boat in the wake of covering a distance of many miles and has been protected.

A squirrel voyaged as far as possible from India to Scotland on a boat subsequent to covering a distance of thousands of miles and has been saved by the staff individuals from The New Arc Wildlife Hospital, North East Wildlife and Animal Rescue Center, in Aberdeenshire.

A post was shared on Facebook by The New Arc on August 30 alongside an image of the squirrel.

As per the post, the group individuals got an approach August 29 from two local people who work for Pest Solutions in Aberdeen.

They found out if the salvage community might want to take in the squirrel they spotted on a boat that showed up from India. Following an hour of getting the call, the individuals from the clinic made an appearance and securely got the squirrel in a pet transporter.

Our insight into Indian Squirrels is not really exhaustive so we had involved the time between the call and his appearance in rapidly swotting up on the possible appearance. India has north of 40 unique types of squirrel going from ground squirrels to monster flying squirrels. Be that as it may, we chose to organize convenience for the most probable species which was one of the joined Squirrels,” the post additionally said.

The medical clinic further said that it was an Indian palm squirrel, otherwise called a three-striped palm squirrel, which is the most pervasive kind seen in gardens the nation over, the post additionally said.

The heros gave it the moniker “Zippy” since they saw that it was very dynamic, fit, and speedy. The Indian Palm Squirrel endured three weeks cruising the oceans on a boat prior to being safeguarded by the work force of the natural life clinic.


As per the untamed life emergency clinic, Zippy is currently looking great and they have begun searching for another long-lasting home for it.

By Martin