Nitish Kumar left the union with the BJP yesterday

Patna: Shortly in the wake of making vow as Bihar Chief Minister for the eighth time, Nitish Kumar countered the BJP’s charge that he had offended the public command by leaving the coalition with BJP and restricting with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).

Here are his main 5 statements:

“I would have rather not been CM after the 2020 (Assembly survey) results, yet I was put under tension. You see what occurred.”

“The number of seats that did we win in 2015! Furthermore, take a gander at what we have been decreased to. Ask individuals in the party what they have been decreased to.”

“Regardless of whether I will remain, let individuals express out loud whatever they need to say.”

“I’m not a wannabe for the PM’s post. The inquiry is will the individual who came in 2014 win in 2024.”

“Somewhat recently and a half, I quit conversing with the media.”

By Martin