We really want an all encompassing strategy to build the proficiency of the organization of the law enforcement framework, the Chief Justice of India said.

Jaipur: Out of 6.10 lakh detainees in the country, almost 80% are undertrials, Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said on Saturday while focusing on the need to expand the proficiency of the law enforcement framework.

“In the law enforcement framework, the cycle is discipline. From aimless capture to trouble in acquiring bail, the cycle prompting delayed imprisonment of undertrial detainees needs earnest consideration,” he said.

We want a comprehensive strategy to build the effectiveness of the organization of the law enforcement framework,” the Chief Justice of India said at the debut meeting of the eighteenth All India Legal Services Authority in Jaipur.

Equity Ramana said that drawn out imprisonment of the enormous number of individuals with practically no preliminary necessities consideration.

In any case, he said that the objective ought not be restricted to empowering the early arrival of undertrial detainees.

Rather, we ought to address techniques which lead to such delayed detainment in immense numbers without a preliminary,” he said.


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