konnect-i slim backpack with jacquard by google:- Samsonite has launched two Konnect-i backpacks that are new, one of which is standard-sized at $230, and one smaller-sized model for $200. Both come using Google’s technology Jacquard, which will make fabrics respond to touch.

The technology is used similar to that used in the $800 Yves Saint Laurent Cit-E bag A fabric module that is located on the left strap (made accessible by the parallel lines of painted) is responsive to your fingertips, allowing you to assign gestures to actions. Both are available from Samsonite’s online store.

After charging the Jacquard module using the supplied Micro USB cables, put it in place using the pins on your shoulder strap. The bag will vibrate when it’s installed correctly and is secured by a fabric to hold it in its place. Then, you can make use of the Jacquard application for iOS and Android to set the type of actions you’d prefer to assign to four actions: brush up, double tap, brush down and cover.

By Martin